Power up your deliveries

Onfleet makes managing last mile deliveries easy. Intuitive routing, dispatching, real-time tracking, analytics and more.

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The Challenge

Does your company make home deliveries to your customers? How do deliveries work? Can you monitor them? Track them? Has it ever happened that a package disappears along the way? Or a driver being late and your customer getting stressed?

Meet Onfleet! One of the best delivery management systems.


Onfleet is a solution for managing last mile deliveries. The system is already used by more than 1000 customers in 90 countries and has assisted more than 125,000,000 deliveries. Among its clients are companies from different sectors such as: food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, furniture, pharmacy and much more.

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  • The main features of the system are:
    • Route Optimization: Onfleet's built-in route optimization engine considers time, location, capacity and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions. Need to make changes or re-optimize? Updates are sent to drivers in real time.

    • Search & Filter: Focus on what matters using time, team, and status filters. Search using text, time or status based queries to quickly find drivers, customers or pickup/delivery tasks.

    • Auto Assignment: Streamline on-demand, high-quality assignment with Onfleet's powerful auto-assignment engine. Reduce service time and labor costs by sending to the right driver at the right time.

    • Proof of Delivery enforce completion requirements by collecting photos, signatures, barcodes, and in-app notes.

    • Comprehensive Reporting: Unlock even more insights by exporting analytics and raw job data to CSV or connecting to the Onfleet API.

    • Analyze and Improve: Increase productivity and accountability with a detailed task history and comprehensive driver performance metrics.

    • Driver Chat: do not use personal applications for business communication. Communicate with your entire team on a private and secure chat platform.

    • Predictive ETAs: put out fires before they start. Stay proactive with predictive arrival times and receive real-time alerts.

    • Integrated Customer Communication: Allow customers to call or message their driver, dispatcher or call center with a single tap. Calls can be anonymized to protect customer data.

    • Feedback Collection: Get a first-hand account of each customer's post-delivery experience with Onfleet's integrated feedback form.

    • Monitor key metrics: View success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance traveled, and more. Segment data by teams, drivers, day, week and even time of day.

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How to Get It

If you have a team or professional responsible for your company's IT, the purchase can be made on the Onfleet website. If you don't have this professional, Siena Company can help you with this task, designating a specialist on the platform.

Like any corporate solution, purchasing the product is just the first step. This is followed by a journey that includes:

  • platform parameterization
  • integration with third-party software
  • built-in tests
  • system administrator training
  • user training
  • put into production
  • platform monitoring

Siena Company has qualified professionals to support you on this journey in the model that best suits your digital transformation strategy.

If you need more information, or a product demo, or any additional clarification, please contact us.